Long-Term Usability & Ideation Testing for Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control

We made Long-Term Usability/Ideation Testing for the Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control our top priority. Our dedicated team, including myself, Jackie, and Brian, conducted approximately 40 tests over the course of nearly a year to uncover the perfect gesture set for the faucet. This iterative testing process was absolutely crucial and was incorporated into our NPI roadmap. Our test lab remained active at all times, and thanks to the expertise of Danielle and our Product Design (UX) team, we managed to keep costs at zero. Experience the project firsthand.


Improving Participant Recruitment Process for Rapid Iterative Testing at Fortune Brands Innovations

Fortune Brands Innovations sought to bridge a research gap in participant recruitment for swift and effective testing. Additionally, the need for prompt feedback in product development prompted the demand for rapid iterative testing. While our Product Designers rely on personas for product creation, the question arises – how do we engage participants for testing?


Smart Soil Sensor Pairing Installation Testing

We received user feedback on the Wireless Soil Sensors instructions. Our team of QA and Product Managers worked hard to develop improved instructions that align perfectly with our users’ needs and preferences. Rest assured, these excellent instructions have undergone rigorous testing through UX Research.


The Playbook: Thriving In Place

The project, “Thriving In Place” was inspired by Onstar and their ability to help in the event of a car accident or emergency. SensER wants to help older adults aging in place and the people that love them get help to them fast in the event of an emergency.


Baked Frosty - Brand Identity

The Baked Frosty is a CBD infused ice cream brand. Tasty dessert alternatives that help you to relax.


Baked Frosty Vending Machine - Experiential Design

The Baked Frosty vending machine is a convenient alternative to getting a tasty treat on the go.


Baked Frosty App - UX/UI Design

The Baked Frosty App the perfect app to have your favorite treat to come to your front door.


Ashton Logan Real Estate Company - Logo Redesign

Ashton Logan is an upscale real estate company that specializes in vacation properties.


Blue Fox Coffee - Package Design

Blue Fox Coffee is a coffee brand based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their coffee flavors take you on an adventure from the comfort of your home.


Sepia Bee Designs Package Design Promotion - Motion Design

Sepia Bee Designs LLC Package Design promotional video.


Matador Records - Brand Identity

Matador Records is an independent rock label established in New York in 1989.


Will & Grace Title Sequence - Motion Design

This Will & Grace Title Sequence is a new spin on an old classic.


VS Bombshell - Product Photography

Calling all bombshells!! The VS Angels came to slay!!

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