Danielle Carr

UX Researcher & Graphic Designer

After sarcastically telling her husband Jeff, “Fine, I’ll make a pillow.” Danielle rediscovered her love of design. Danielle frequently jokes about how she thought Sepia Bee was going to be a home decor line, she soon found out that the universe has a way of leading you down a different path.

Since 2016, Dani Carr Designs Co. (formerly Sepia Bee Designs LLC) has been helping clients create meaningful and impactful brands. Danielle has the ability to take an idea and turn it into visual communication that speaks to a wide target market.

Almost any designer can make something look pretty – it’s the “why” behind the design that makes a brand successful. Her goal is to create memorable brands that last with the highest level of design available.

“it’s the “why” behind the design that makes a brand successful.”

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Creativity
  • Research

My Mantra

“Positivity is my superpower.”

Danielle is currently located in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a graduate of the Shaker Heights School District. She is a wife to Jeff and a mother of three to Isaiah, Jaliyah, and Janelle. And dog mom to Bella the Long Hair Chihuahua. She’s a former Hospital Corpsman and a veteran of The United States Navy. She an advent reader. Her favorite book is “Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person” by Shonda Rhimes. 

Danielle is a talented professional with a background in Graphic Design from The Los Angeles Film School and a Master’s degree in UX Design from Maryland Institute College of Art. She began her journey as a UX Intern at Fortune Brands Innovations in February 2021 and swiftly advanced to become an Associate UX Designer in September 2021. In September 2022, Danielle, along with the FBIN Global Design Team, received the prestigious Silver IDEA Award from the IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) for their outstanding work on the Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control.